Healthy Teen Parents/Healthy Babies

Healthy Teen Parents/Healthy Babies is a YWCA program servng multiple functions.  First and foremost, it supplies a safety net for pregnant and parenting teens to seek assistance, not just monetary but also emotionally and physically.  We offer cooking classes, creative outlets, opportunities to focus on fitness and wellness and much more.  We partner the parents with an adult mentor that gives them an additional person to lean on, if needed.  Lastly, we do help them and encourage them to attend different activities by offering incentives that they need such as diapers, wipes, baby formula and other baby and household items.  We will also help out parents with items that are considered “unmet needs”.  Through this fund we have paid GED testing fees, car batteries, shower curtains for a new apartment, diaper bags, crib mattresses and many other items.  We also do home visits and school visits with the parents.  We partner with Parents as Teachers to complete home visits, so as to make sure the parents are receiving information on child development and ways to encourage their development.



Program Coordinator $35,000

Program Mentor Coordinator/Assistant $15,000

(We have found that matching teen parents with a trained and caring mentor improves our communication lines and provides very important non-judgmental support.)

Program Supplies: $2,500

Incentives:  $14,000

Unmet Needs:  $1,700

Total:  $68,200

Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic


Missouri Mission of Mercy is a large-scale dental clinic to provide free oral healthcare to patients of all ages who otherwise would not be able to receive care.

  • Since the Missouri Dental Association (MDA) and MDA Foundation brought Mission of Mercy to Missouri in 2011, more than 10,900 underserved individuals have received approximately $6.5 million worth of free dental care through just seven clinics in Springfield, Cape Girardeau, St. Louis, Columbia, Independence, Joplin and Kirksville.

Area dentists are hosting the 2019 MOMOM clinic in St. Joseph, August 16 at the Civic Arena downtown.  Up to 1,000 patients are expected to receive approximately $1 million worth of free care at this clinic.

  • A variety of healthcare providers from across the state including dentists, hygienists, assistants, lab technicians, physicians, nurses and many non-dental community volunteers will donate much-needed services to thousands of patients in need in Missouri.
  • Non-dental community volunteers are essential to help make the event a success.  Volunteers are needed in the following areas:  registration, data entry, daycare, food servers, site set-up and tear-down, clean up, equipment loading and unloading, parking attendants and more.
  • Nearly 700 volunteers are needed to make this event happen.  Both dental professionals and community volunteers can sign up at