Investment Guidelines

Investment Guidelines
As a trusted advisor, you know many of your clients are interested in leaving a legacy in their community and can receive generous tax benefits through charitable giving. The Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri, Inc. works with professional advisors to enrich the charitable giving strategies of their clients. Our dedicated team can help you find the best solutions for your clients, and we offer a variety of giving options.

The Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri, Inc. investment objectives are to maintain and increase the purchasing power the funds donors have invested in our pools, and to produce a solid return for distribution to maximize The Community Foundation’s donors ability to meet current community needs.

The Community Foundation can offer flexible options for investment management of funds to ensure the donor is pleased with the investment. Donors are always encouraged to select their own investment manager for their funds with The Community Foundation.

Please note: the Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri, Inc. has no wealth managers on staff and does not consider ourselves investment managers. We offer use of our investment pools to donors at their sole discretion.

Notation we are not financial advisors