First File, Inc.

2921 SE Adams
P.O. Box 5262 Topeka, KS 66605

“First+File” is designed to be of assistance to individuals, caregivers, and emergency personnel in an emergency situation. Information is collected and placed

in a “First+File” folder, which is then attached on the refrigerator magnetically (or placed in the general area of the refrigerator) so that when emergency responders arrive on the scene, they and those with the individual in need are not hindered in the process of saving a life (due to the time required to seek information) or perform assistance that might put the individual in greater jeopardy.
Within the file the individual’s medical (including medication list), emergency contact (as well as a photo of the individual), advance directive information (DNR, Living Will, etc…) and more, are gathered to assist the responders. It is estimated that in an emergency situation up to 10 minutes of valuable time is lost while searches are made for these types of information.
We at “First+File” seek to find organizations, agencies, community members and others to help fund “First+File’s” manufacturing, assembly, marketing, and training of emergency response organizations. This allows “First+File” to be given to members of the community at no cost to the recipient. It is a valuable community involvement tool for these groups as they supply “First+File’s” to the end user. While this also allows them to promote their own community supp

ort through funding while raising awareness of the need to assist our family members and first responders through advance preparation.
“First+File” has a goal of a 20% saturation of the communities in which we enter.
From a marketing and community member standpoint, the organizations, businesses, and individuals gain tremendous exposure within (and outside) of their community through their support. With the availability of print marketing, technology marketing, and the spread of communication regarding “First+File”, there will be an ongoing need to continue production of this and other life assisting ideas moving forward.
Having worked with representatives of the medical community, the first responders community, the end of life community and more in the development, “First+File” and its associates feel this tool is welcomed by all who have been introduced to the idea for the file. It is a simple idea, and making it accessible is important.


Literacy Access Fund

The Literacy Access Fund provides support to underfunded public libraries in the 18 counties of Northwest Missouri. Their goal is to help the libraries acquire additional resources to enhance their delivery of services for these leaders of tomorrow, today.

Literacy Access Fund will be a resource for public libraries to collaborate with to realize financial support to increase their ability to provide literacy skills, school-readiness programs, and grade level performance activities to ensure their littlest members can read, write, and succeed in school and in life.

The Crossing Nutrition Center

The downtown area, especially around 8th & Messanie, has long been a “food desert” and an area that many of the homeless in our city frequently gather. From there, East to 22nd st. is where most of those living in poverty reside. With the closing of 2 grocery stores, one at 22nd and Frederick and one at 22nd and Mitchell, those in our area are even more “food insecure” and end up shopping for food at convenience stores.

We are looking to alleviate some of that shortage and improve the quality and variety of food available by opening a Nutrition Center in The Crossing Urban Missions Campus. The Center, will be more than a typical pantry, we will involve clients in some of the operations of this facility as we do with our greenhouse and other “cottage industries” on campus. We will also provide food nutrition classes using more fruits and vegetables. We will also have various toiletry, hygiene items available. The overall goal of this project is the same of the rest of the campus; to work side by side with our clients through a mentoring process that encourages them to develop healthier lifestyles and choices that will raise them up out of poverty, homelessness and or addiction.

Attached are some of the renovation and start up costs to convert and open that space. We have enlisted the services of River bluff architects to assess those costs and develop a floor plan, which is also attached. Second Harvest is partnering with The Crossing to help ensure a quality food supply and the most effective operations possible.

Our goal as a Urban Missions Campus is to enlist and engage other churches, businesses and families to collectively minister “to the least of these” in our community. When Jesus asked the question, in Matt. 25:31-46, where were you when I was hungry? It was not a rhetorical question.

Thank you for considering joining us to alleviate the shortage of healthy, fresh food in this area.

Danny Gach,
Founder, Pastor and Executive Director, The Crossing Outreach

The Crossing Outreach Ministry

The Crossing is a Faith based Outreach that provides a foundation for Veterans, ex-offenders and persons experiencing homelessness in the down town St. Joseph area, meeting their basic physical and spiritual needs through community collaboration, strategic partnerships and resource allocation. By providing access to food, shelter, vocational guidance and assistance resources, we aim to enrich our community by empowering individuals toward a self-sustaining path.

The Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri is our fiscal agent. We have a Board of Directors, Strategic Plan and By-Laws in place.

Our Support comes from tithes and offerings of the Crossing Church, individual contributions and a few local churches. We are creating a volunteer organization that will help minimize the need for paid staff. Our goal is for The Crossing to be somewhat self-sufficient through operating Cottage Industry projects such as making Rag Rugs by hand on vintage looms, painting recycled tires for flower planters and yard art. Both of these projects are off to a great start!

This additional funding will allow us to expand our marketing reach, provide basic operating costs (until sales of products cover costs), remodel our building, purchase tools and machinery needed to launch our third cottage industry project; converting used shipping pallets into furniture.

To give to this request, go to the Give to a Fund tab on this website and select the donate button under Field of Interest Funds. Please specify The Crossing in the space provided.

Church Turns Rags to Riches with Help From Volunteers