About Us

The Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri Inc. was established in 2009 as a public charity with a 501(c)3 designation from the IRS which allows donors maximum tax advantages while supporting their favorite charities.

Our Mission

Through regional collaboration increase the power of charitable giving and philanthropy to transform our region into an economically vibrant area.

Our vision

To be a national leader in regional collaboration creating the culture which results in increased philanthropy and prosperity.

Vivid Description

Northwest Missouri is known for its vibrant home towns with extraordinary citizens who invest in and care about the prosperity of their region. Through regional collaboration the Community Foundation of Northwest Missouri fosters grass roots innovation and economic vibrancy in communities. We believe our success in the future is based on our work today.

Who we are

We are a public charity serving the communities of Northwest Missouri. We serve as a vehicle for charitable giving, helping donors give to the causes they care about. Donor gifts will strengthen nonprofits increasing programs and services. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to establish a fund with us.

We start every relationship by asking: “What is important to you?” Your gifts are placed in a fund from which charitable donations are made. The Community Foundation will handle the administration of the fund making giving more convenient.

We believe in the power of charitable giving to unite and transform communities in Northwest Missouri. By listening to the needs of our donors, area leaders and charity organizations, we are able to bring resources of donors and charities together!

Setting up a fund is as simple as opening a checking account. You can contribute cash, securities or deferred gifts. The gift can be used during your lifetime or can continue to grow, creating an ongoing legacy forever. You can see the intent of your investments and dreams realized, as well as the dreams of others come alive.

Our service area includes the following counties in Northwest Missouri.